A pharmacy technician is trained to prepare medical prescriptions and keep records of the drugs dispensed. Some countries require that this expert must be registered and certified. The salary of these medical experts is dictated by your practical experience, academic qualifications, the place of work and your employer.

Pharmacy technicians are in high demand all over the world. Today, the vacancies are increasing significantly due to a high population of aging people and onset of complex medical technologies. Some hospitals even hire three shifts of these technicians.

Job Description Of Pharmacy Technician

Your main job as a technician is to assist a licensed a pharmacist. You’ll perform duties such as:

  1. Accurately and efficiently prepare prescriptions from patients or other medical centers.
  2. Verify dosage and prescription information.
  3. Fill patient’s order information into the hospital’s system.
  4. Prepare, process and submit insurance claims.
  5. Provide quality customer care and advise patients on medicine and other health-related issues.

As a technician, you’ll work in any venue that a pharmacist might work. Your salary will therefore vary according to the location and the region you work in whether retail dispensing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, community dispensaries or hospitals. However, the average salary according to U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) stood at 14 dollars per hour in 2010.

Starting Salary

Depending on which province you live in, the starting salary of a pharmacist assistant ranges from 13 to 15 dollars per hour. While there is not much training required to become an assistant, put your negotiation tactics into use. Find work in a unionized environment like hospitals or large pharmaceuticals if you want to start as high as from 20 dollars per hour.

Those with appropriate education tend to start higher. You’ll earn more if you have sat for PTCB or ExCPT exams. The beginning pay is also dictated by the province or state of residence, check out how much they pay in different regions to compare pay.

Average Pay For Pharmacists Assistants

The average salary ranges from $28,000 to $36,000 per years in different countries. Below are some of the best employers in U.S.A. and the average pay according to BLS:

  1. General Surgical or Medical Hospitals have had an average salary of $33,830 per annum
  2. Grocery Store Pharmacy average at $29,000
  3. Health and Personal Care Stores at $28,580
  4. General Merchandise Store Pharmacies at $28,080
  5. Department Store Pharmacies at $27,300

You’ll note that the difference between the various pharmacies is very small. You may be required to perform other tasks that may need your extra time like researching on new drugs or support the pharmacist more. Here, your pay will increase. Some of the highly paying pharmaceutical locations include Federal Branch Pharmacies at $40,350 and Outpatient Care Centres at $38,850 per year.

The entry levels might be as low as $19,000 per years. If you are a consistent technician, you’ll expect to receive regular increases. Any additional qualifications will definitely entitle you to more pay.

BLS expects that by 2020, over hundred thousand jobs will be created in for pharmacy assistants. This represents a 32 percent increase. In 2011, the highest paid average salaries were reported in Alaska, Michigan, Wisconsin, Washington, and Hawaii at $41,100 or more.