If you’ve been looking for a medical career, phlebotomy is one of the easiest medical niches to get into. The job involves obtaining blood samples with a needle and syringe by making a small incision into a person’s vein for the purpose of diagnosis. Although you might think this is a really simple task, let me assure you that it takes proper training to do it properly and in a professional manner. This is where phlebotomy classes come in.

The demand for professionals in this field is on the rise due to more and more people requiring health and medical care. You can easily get a high-paying job in this field if you commit to it. Medical institutions like to hire and retain the best, and if you get the proper training for this profession, finding a job will come a lot easier for you.

Class Content

Phlebotomy ClassWhen you begin your training, you will be taught the location of veins and puncture points along with the importance of taking a blood sample from the right points in the vein. You will also learn how to communicate with your patients so that they are psychologically prepared before subjecting them to be pricked by a needle and syringe. You must remember that there are many people who can’t stand to face the sight of blood even if it’s inside a syringe. Finding the right phlebotomy training will help you to divert the attention of your patients while you draw the blood sample that you require.

To break down the training, here is the list of topics that will be covered in most classes:

  • An introduction – You will get a thorough overview of what phlebotomy is all about, its relevance in the medical profession and why it’s needed. You will know what to look forward to and what will be covered in the rest of the class.
  • Medical terms – This section will help you become familiar with the jargon that’s used by medical specialists so that you understand what’s being referred to when these terms are being thrown around by professional in the field.
  • Human Anatomy and physiology – Although you don’t need to be an expert in anatomy, you will be introduced to it so that you have some basic familiarity. It’s important for you to know the physiology of patients since it’s a crucial aspect during the entire process.
  • First Aid including CPR – In any medical field, you are required to know about this because proper application of CPR can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. It can come in very handy when you are obtaining blood of a person who may have been injured or be in some kind of emergency.


The length of training can vary from 16 months in some states to 24 month in others. One thing that I can say about longer training programs is that it’s more detailed and has more credibility due to the experience that it gives you. However, they can also be much more expensive than the shorter ones.

Once you’ve completed all of your training, you’ll need to qualify by passing an exam before you actually become certified. In case where you’re not able to pass on the first attempt, you can simply take the exam again. Exams are conducted by various certifying bodies including the American Association of Medical Staff, the American Society for Clinical Pathology and the American Medical Technologists (AMT). Once certified, you can look forward to working in a reputed clinic or hospital in your area.

Can You Take Phlebotomy Classes Online?

Today, it’s possible to do almost anything on the internet and taking phlebotomy classes in no exception. Online classes offer a convenient way to complete many fully accredited courses, certificates and degrees. However, there are some aspects you need to consider before deciding on taking a phlebotomy course online.

Why Choose Phlebotomy?

Can you stand the sight of blood and do you have people-friendly skills? If so, phlebotomy is ideal for you. This specialist draws and collects blood samples from people and animals for testing, donation or for research. You’ll become an integral member of the medical laboratories.

You must be knowledgeable about various disorders and diseases since you will be assessing blood samples to treat or identify medical conditions. You’ll be the only link between a patient and the medical laboratory. It’s a very crucial job because most testing of blood is an initial step in a medical examination.

When To Consider Taking Online Training Programs

Consider an online program if there are constraints in attending an offline course. These reasons could vary from one person to another. Often, students work full time or part time jobs whilst going to college and therefore their time is very valuable.

If you are a parent with infants at home, you’ll find it very inconveniencing to stick to a fixed classroom schedule. The flexibility of the training makes it possible for you to complete the course while attending to your other demanding chores. You stand the advantage of choosing any college from around the world to take your course from the internet. You can simply Google search to find a class.

An online certificate in phlebotomy is affordable because you don’t need to pay for miscellaneous and other college administration fees. If you are on a tight budget, online classes are ideal for you. It will also be possible to choose your favorite instructor without having to suffer the consequences of facing a lecturer with an ascent you can’t understand in a physical class.

Things To Do

The courses include both practical and in-class training. You’ll learn general phlebotomy courses, medical terminologies, physiology and other related subjects introduced by various colleges. Several hours of practical work in a physical lab will also be required to complete the training. There are several things you need to ask yourself before deciding on online classes:

  1. Are you disciplined for the study? You need to go through study material regularly and submit reports in time.
  2. Do you have an instructor? Is the instructor available when you need him/her? Take time to find a good and reliable coach.
  3. Is the college genuine? It can be work in futility to pay and enroll for a course only to discover that the online college you have selected is a scam. Sign up with accredited college with other offline classes.

One question that most people ask is whether a certificate achieved online can be comparable to the traditionally acquired one. The answer is a resounding yes, but you need to check with the institution you enroll in first.