So you’ve gotten the call for an interview to become a pharmacy technician, and now you’re worried about how to proceed. Don’t worry, take a deep breath, and follow these tips to help you through.


Take a few minutes to find some information about the pharmacy you’re being interviewed for. Look at their mission statement and background so you at least know something about the company.

Know the Requirements

Even though you glanced at the job duties when you applied, take the time to go back over them so you know what the company expects. If there are any areas that you are not confident about, be prepared to explain why.

Arrive Early

You should always get to your interview around 10 to 15 minutes early. You show the interviewer you are professional and ready to get started, and if you run into traffic you won’t be late.

Dress Appropriately

Just because many technicians wear scrubs or coats when working does not mean you should wear them to your interview. You want to dress professionally to show that you take this opportunity seriously.

Be Confident

You will be asked many questions, and your answers need to reflect your confidence. Don’t stumble over your words or beat around the bush. Answer quickly and confidently without a lot of fluff.

Know Yourself

Be prepared to answer questions about why you want the position, how you can benefit the company, and why you chose that particular pharmacy.

Think About Possible Scenarios

Many of the interviews include situational questions like how to handle irate or rude customers. If you need to, do some research to see how to handle these scenarios.

Hit the Books

Many pharmacy technicians are given basic tests to determine what kind of training they’ve had. You may need to know how to calculate mL, daily dosages, convert Roman Numerals, or how to read a prescription.


Be prepared to answer questions concerning your rate of pay. If you want more than they offer, be sure to provide solid reasons to support your request.

Ask Questions

Interviews are generally all about you, but you show your level of interest by asking relevant questions. If they mention something you don’t understand, ask for clarification. You should also find out about your expected hours, and the possibility of advancement.

Most importantly, when going for your interview, just relax – they are normal people just like you!