The average income of a specific profession is probably one of the most important factors that majority of people rely on to make a wise decision. This is no wonder at all as money is one of the major things that shape the standard of one’s life. It is very important in securing your future and that of your family.

Are you exploring your current career choice?

If you are, then you may already be aware of the average income you can bring home working in drug stores or pharmaceutical companies. If you have not tried finding out, let us do it here. In 2011, the average pharmacy technician made an yearly income amounting to $28,940. The most highly paid got $41,880 and the lowest paid got less than $20,310.

People in this profession who get an average salary that is below $30,000 in a year, unfortunately do not make as much money as some other people working in the health care profession. For example a dental hygienist usually earn on average $69,280 per year while a radiological technologists gets an average yearly salary of $55,120. You may also realize that epidemiologists and medical secretaries normally make more than an average pharmacy technician makes.

Should this discourage you from pursuing this career path?

This should not be an option, whether you are already in the field or considering it as a career option. The truth of the matter is, there are avenues you can explore in order to make more money. One of the tricks of making more money is becoming a great technician, this will help you raise your hourly pay rate go past the $12, $15 or $20 mark.

How do you become a great pharmacy technician?

An ordinary technician normally show up on time at work. On the other hand, a great technician usually show up around 15 minutes or more, earlier each day and also stays up late. You may not get paid for it at the beginning, but your efforts will pay up pretty soon because it is a clear indication that you are willing to do what needs to get done and even more. When working for a good company or pharmacist, it will not be long before they recognize your extra effort.

Become a certified technician

Working in this field without relevant certification may be the reason why your income is still low. If you are yet to be certified, get the necessary training and certification. Your employer will increase your salary if they realize that you have obtained certifications.

Other Important avenues of making money

Some other avenues you could explore in order to make money include the following:

  1. Side jobs besides your daily job such as acting as expert witness in court cases can earn you several dollars to substitute your salary.
  2. Salaries of technicians usually differ from state to state. If you are flexible enough, you may consider moving to a state that pays well
  3. Some employers pay more than others and you may use this fact to your advantage by browsing for better paying opportunities.